tCat: what advantages does it offer for a back-office user?

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The tCat equipment incorporates powerful processing software with two different functions: Field measurement functionality: “NEW SURVEY” Back-office analysis functionality: “SURVEY ANALYSIS In today's article, we will focus on the “SURVEY ANALYSIS” functionality and its feature of exporting the information contained in a measurement session to multiple formats. Often, the work of sampling catenary heights

tCat contributes to the research on automatic extraction of railway features using LiDAR systems

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Last 31 October 2020, the indexed journal Sensors, rated Q1 in “Instrumentation”, published the article “Automatic Extraction of Power Cables Location in Railways Using Surface LiDAR Systems”. Based on the collaboration between Telice and the Robotics Group of the University of León, a new method that allows one to check the state (height and stagger)

As-built documentation in electrification projects using tCat

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As-built documentation in electrification projects using tCat: a race against the laser gauge In an OLE system, the catenary runs in a predefined path above the track in order to guarantee good electrical contact with the pantograph as well as minimize wearing. Before the authority performs his own OLE tests or the system is commissioned

Final Event. Horizon 2020 project

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Final Event. Horizon 2020 project Last November 13th (2019) took place the first part of the Final Event programmed for the Horizon 2020 project. The aim of the project was to improve the technological and estructural design of the initial tCat prototype, as well as, build a network of stakeholders and design a market-oriented communication

How to use the tCat to measure height and stagger of the contact wire?

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Measuring the height and stagger of a contact wire In an OLE system, the catenary runs in a predefined path above the track in order to guarantee good electrical contact with the pantograph as well as minimize wearing. This is usually implemented at the design phase by establishing the location of the contact wire at

TELICE launched the tCat in the US market at Railway Interchange

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Last week TELICE was at Railway Interchange launching the tCat in the US market. For the launching, we chose Railway Interchange because it is the largest railway exhibition and technical conference in North America, with around 9.000 attendees from all around the world. It also congregated more than 700 exhibitors from different fields within the

Smart Rail World 2019 – Munich

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Smart Rail World took place between the 17th and 19th of June in Munich, Germany. It hosted infrastructure managers, passenger rail and freight operators and industry suppliers to discuss new technological solutions for the railway industry. In this case, TELICE has participated as a Silver sponsor of the event and the tCat had a relevant

7th International Railway Convention

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The 7th International Railway Convention (IRC), organized by MAFEX, took place from June 3 to 5, 2019 in Malaga (Spain). The main operators and administrators of railway infrastructure and companies from more than 25 countries met in Malaga (Spain) together with the Spanish railway industry. The aim of this event was to connect the main operators

The digital mapping system helping safely pave the way to electrification

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THE DIGITAL MAPPING SYSTEM HELPING SAFELY PAVE THE WAY TO ELECTRIFICATION The rail industry’s drive to improve efficiency and lower its carbon footprint is exemplified by the widespread use and introduction of electrification infrastructure. For those lines which haven’t already been upgraded, the commitment across other parts of the network to replace the use

tCat participation in Network Rail seminar

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After several months of work in the tCat project Network Rail invited TELICE to participate and give a lecture about the tCat during the Network Rail National Contact Forum. Along with TELICE there were around 40 people from NR staff, from OLE engineers to managers and heads from different NWR lines along the whole UK.

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